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Knowledge is Power
Information is liberating
Education is the Wisdom

Our Goal

Entrepreneurs are the leaders of tomorrow and E Cell RGPV being an organization that works for the development of not only entrepreneurs but also the culture of start-ups, it becomes our prime duty to educate this future generation and impart knowledge through all the possible means. From business analysts of leading companies to founders of various start-ups have shared their experiences and provided these young minds the necessary guidance so that they could excel in their fields. This unmatched experience the lads gain from E-mentoring sessions helps them to stand out from the crowd.

What to enhance your skills?

Join the E-mentorship program The Tech Grooming Session under E-CELL, RGPV, and skyrocket your tech skills.


Learn new technologies and dynamic aspects of the market under the mentors and coordinators of E-CELL.


Practice the learning modules provided and complete the assigned task and grow your skills.


Build high-grade projects and implement the knowledge that you gained during the Tech Grooming session.



Get enrolled in one of the best managed and handled on route student training programs from experts.


Looking forward to the development of yourself is, best channeled through practice that we offer.


Skillset on getting channeled requires the notable mentoring and supervision that our experts tackle.


Quick support and contact to experts and mentors for supervision and training under the channel.


Develop, innovate and generate the best productive model for your idea with the best supported guidance.