29 February - 01 March 2024 | Knowledge & Research Centre - RGPV


Hackathon 2024

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This event aims at establishing networks to find solutions to the existing array of problems.



All the participants will get a chance to meet mentors and subject matter specialists to learn new things from them.


Spark New Ideas

This Hackathon will allow you to present your new ideas and solutions in front of an adept jury.

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About Yuvan

Yuvan, a Startup hackathon

Co-presented by RGPV and MPSeDC, and organised by Entrepreneurship Cell RGPV, is all set to launch.
Being the first of its kind at our campus, the event aims at encouraging participants to collaborate with mentors, subject matter specialists, data sources, and a network of collaborators to find solutions to the prevailing set of problems.

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To enhance your experience and to unwind after the tiring brainstorming we have excellent perks in store for the participants!


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Aarya Gupta

Team Supervisor

Pratishtha Tiwari

Execution Manager

Oss Asthana

Operations and PR head

Shubham Mishra

Operations and PR head

Ramansh Parashar

Co-head Design

Sumit Yadav

Co-head Design

Satyam Mishra

Co-head Design

Sumit Choudhary

Tech Team

Vansh Saxena

Startup Support Specialist

Event Schedules


Process of enrollment will be conducted via online registrations.

Shortlisting of candidates

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their startup profiles.


The list of teams selected will be made public after a day or two after evaluation.


The ceremony will commence with the arrival of guests followed by briefing about the hackathon which will include revision of rules and regulations.

Hackathon starts

Problem statements will be provided to the teams and soon they'll get onto working on them.

Sessions via sponsor

Sponsors of the event will take a few sessions, telling the audience and participants about their products as well as our collaboration with them.

Fun activity

Since coding continuously for 24 hours is extremely stressful for all the teams, we've planned a relaxation session with fun activities which will have exciting prizes, provided by our sponsors.

Submission of pitch deck

Candidates will have to submit a pitch deck, which will be the final product presented to the judges, on the basis of which they'll be assessed.

Pitching round

Top teams will get a chance to pitch their ideas in front of the judges.


Results will be declared after evaluating the performance of all the teams in the pitching round.

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Clear Your Doubts


Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee for the hackathon. It is completely free to register

What is the eligibility to participate in the hackathon?

You should have a startup idea to participate even if the startup is at the ideation stage.

Do we have to work on our own startup in the hackathon?

No, problem statements of the hackathon will be disclosed at the time of the event. The information collected during registration about startups is solely for determining eligibility criteria.

Is it only for the institutes that fall under the RGPV University?

One of these categories will be RGPV and its affiliated colleges and the other one will be non-RGPV affiliated colleges and working professionals.

Can an individual participate?

A team could consist of a single member or a team of upto 3 members.

Does the startup have to be established?

The startup pitch is just for the registration screening process. Even if the startup is at the ideation stage, the candidate is completely eligible for the hackathon.

Is there an age limit?

There's no age limit. Anyone can register regardless of their age or qualification.

Is coding a substantial aspect of evaluation in the competition?

The judgment will solely be on the basis of the solution which has to be original, innovative, viable and feasible to stand a chance to win.

Since it is a 24hrs hackathon, what about food and other amenities?

All the basic amenities including food, water, beverages, restrooms etc. will be provided by the organizing team E-Cell RGPV.

On what basis will the teams get evaluated?

The teams will get evaluated on the basis of their problem solving abilities and how feasible their solution to the problem statement is.

What will the participants who don't win the cash prize gain from this hackathon?

The participation itself is a big opportunity for most of the students as it is Central India's biggest hackathon. It will not only improve one's problem solving skills but also will act as a perfect vessel to network with other professionals in this field.

How is it fair to judge a 4th year or higher qualified student with a freshman who is completely new to the ecosystem?

The judgment will not be on the basis of coding or the prototype made at the end, rather it will be on the basis of how feasible the solution is in the long run and how innovative and original the solution is.

How to believe that the judgment is fair?

The judgment committee is separated from the organizing committee to make sure that the judgment is fair.

Where will the hackathon take place?

The Knowledge Research Centre or KRC building is the venue for the hackathon inside the RGPV campus.

Where can candidates get support and answers to their queries?

For further information the interested candidates can refer to the Instagram handle of E-Cell RGPV @ecell_rgpv . Further they can log on to: for more information regarding the Hackathon.


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