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Entrepreneurship: Challenges faced by Entrepreneurs

Have you ever dreamt or wandered of owning a business? Well the answer is Yes. Every individual in any stage of their life must have thought of building something that they can call as their own. The folks who manage to flourish their own business enterprise, by risk and initiative to gainfully employ profits are conceived as Entrepreneurs. We can contemplate them as the civil assets who are cultured, inspired and groomed at a greater scale. On a superlative scale their innovations kind of enhancelifestyle and in addition constitute wealth with entrepreneurial ventures, thus contributing to a developing economy.Some great entrepreneurs may have the competence to diversify the way we live and work.

As it is said “A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”, thus we can cite the eminence of Entrepreneurship; itis not only about promoting social, economic change but also about driving innovation.

Talking about start-ups, launching it can be considered as one of the boldest initiative taken by an individual. According to a report, entrepreneurs spend over 80 hours per week building their start-ups. It requires dedication, consistency and a whole lot of innovation. If you are the founder of your start-up then you’ll be anticipated to turn up with the ideas all the time. When a competitor shows up, it will be your authority to come up with a response plan. When your team hits an impenetrable obstacle, your job will be to spring up with a substitute plan to step forward.

“Everyone can tell you the risk, but an entrepreneur can see the reward”. Let us talk about one of the most famous and successful entrepreneur Walt Disney who actually earned these rewards. Walt Disney as we all know is known to be the pioneer of the American Animation industry. He introduced several developments in the field of cartoons.

He developed an early interest in drawing. From this he fantasized about creating something unique from his skills that could be called as his own. In early 1920s he moved to California and with UbIwerks he developed the character of Mickey Mouse, his first success. He also provided the voice for his creation in the early years when his start-up was just started. As the studio grew, he became more adventurous; he introduced many technical developments in the equipment that were used to make a cartoon. He is listed as one of the successful entrepreneur who gained many profits and successfully went beyond and surpassed every hurdles and challenges.

Till date, his work continues to be shown and adapted; his namesake studio and company maintains high standards in its production of popular entertainment. Talking about challenges, entrepreneurship comes with host of challenges. Even the experienced ones have to deal with these challenges no matter how long they have been on the keeping their business profitable.

Therefore, for new entrepreneurs definitely there are tons of unique challenges, some being the difficult to overcome. If you are just getting into the game of becoming an entrepreneur then gear yourselves to surpass some significant hurdles. Entrepreneurship is all about turning what excites you in life and capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.

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